Sharp releases slew of new Quattron TVs at IFA 2010

Just in case those George Takei commercials didn't clue you in that Sharp was serious about Quattron, the company has announced four new TV lines at IFA sporting yellow as a fourth subpixel color. At the top of the list, the Quattron 3D-enabled LE925 line will be available in 60-inch or 46-inch sizes and feature Sharp's proprietary high-speed FRED LCD signal processing technology along with side-mounted scanning LED backlighting -- which like the LV Series -- is touted to produce 1.8x better brightness than competing sets and reduce 3D crosstalk. Aquos Net+ connectivity is thrown in too, along with 2D-to-3D conversion, a digital triple tuner and 8GB of built-in flash memory for timeshift recording. Playing second fiddle to this overachiever are the 2D-only LE924E, LE824E and LE814E series, which will also feature Aquos Net+. Pricing details for all of the new lines are still unknown, but they're slated to be available in Germany and Austria later this month. Here's hoping Sulu gets his jaw checked out before then.

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Quattron is the basis of the next generation of AQUOS

In spring 2010, LCD pioneers Sharp revolutionised the flat TV market with
the introduction of Quattron. Today, the addition of yellow as the fourth
subpixel colour is the basis of all AQUOS LCD TVs for the coming years.
Sharp is progressively expanding its LCD TV line-up, giving individual
model ranges the extra benefits of 3D technology and direct internet
connection. In the process, Sharp is continuing to provide the best
picture quality, innovative design, good environmental performance and
big screens.

Berlin, IFA 2010. Sharp is making a big impression at this year's IFA in Berlin, with a
line-up of more than 30 LCD TVs. The key feature of this line-up is the unique
Quattron technology. For AQUOS LCD TVs, the addition of yellow as fourth subpixel
colour brings improvements to both the brilliance of the picture and to energy
efficiency. The icing on the cake for the fourth colour is that Quattron guarantees the
best 3D performance available from LCD TVs, with maximum brightness, brilliant
three-dimensional pictures and even lower energy consumption. The 3D model range
LE925E from Sharp is particularly impressive. This series, like the three new series
LE924E, LE824E and LE814E, also includes AQUOS NET+1.

"In 2010, Quattron is our highlight technology. Recently, the European expert
committee of the EISA2 has confirmed that the addition of yellow as the fourth subpixel
colour is the TV Innovation of the Year 2010," says Frank Bolten, Managing Director of
Sharp Electronics Germany/Austria. "Quattron is now setting a new standard. With this
technology, we provide an outstanding TV experience in both 2D and 3D, whilst also
guaranteeing excellent ecological performance. By the end of the year, all our
premium LCD TVs will feature Quattron," continues Bolten.

The AQUOS highlight at IFA 2010 is the LE925 series. Available in screen sizes of
152 and 117 centimetres, these TVs have a winning combination of features, with
Quattron 3D, a 200 Hertz Scanning Backlight System, AQUOS Net+, a digital triple
tuner3 and 8 GB Timeshift. Its sister model the 40LE924E is available with a screen
size of 102 centimetres. The LE824 and LE814E series are respectively upgrades of
the LE822E and LE812 LCD TVs launched on the market in July. These televisions,
available in 117 and 102 centimetres respectively, also integrate the AQUOS NET+
internet interface. This feature provides users with TV websites specially optimised for
AQUOS, such as YouTube, eBay or Facebook.

1 Internet interfaces: roughly 50 German online portals are already optimised for AQUOS
2 European Image and Sound Association