CCP releases new EVE trailer, reveals new contest

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|09.05.10

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CCP releases new EVE trailer, reveals new contest
While most of the MMORPG fans at PAX are focused on headline-hogs like Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic, EVE Online is making its share of noise, first with a new expansion announcement followed by the unveiling of a new game trailer titled Causality. CCP Games has also revealed a new contest called the Universal Glory Sweepstakes. Despite stiff genre competition, the Icelandic development firm shows no signs of slowing down development on its landmark space sandbox, and players now have the opportunity to win computer hardware and EVE merchandise including a complete gaming system and a year's subscription to the game.

The contest runs through October 3rd, and the entry form requires you to answer a couple of questions posed about the new Causality trailer. Check it out after the cut or at the official contest website.
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