September version update live for Final Fantasy XI

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|09.09.10

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September version update live for Final Fantasy XI
It's a good day to be in Vana'diel, as Final Fantasy XI's much-awaited September version update is now up and running on the live servers. That means another increase in the level cap, new missions for Wings of the Goddess, and many other improvements to the game. The full list of changes may be found in the official patch notes, which also include a few pieces of information not previously disclosed.

As expected, the majority of the changes center around the increase of the level cap to 85, complete with levels for the previewed new abilities and traits. There are also several smaller quality of life improvements, and the usual array of bug fixes across the board. Players waiting for the update to download (which can take quite some time, as any Final Fantasy XI veteran can attest) can peruse the full list of changes and get ready for some interesting new experiences.
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