Samsung Galaxy Tab heading to Verizon, AT&T, Sprint?

The way that rumors and Verizon's statements have been lining up this year, you might've been under the impression that its upcoming Android tablets would be carrier exclusives -- but maybe not: ye olde Wall Street Journal is citing "three people familiar with the matter" (it's not often they give a quantity of familiar people!) as saying that Big Red, AT&T, and Sprint are all on tap to take delivery of the Galaxy Tab. In light of Samsung's strategy in deploying the Galaxy S as far and wide (and with as little exclusivity) as possible, that'd certainly make sense -- the company is comfortable switching between GSM, CDMA, and even WiMAX radios at this point without breaking a sweat.

Speaking of WiMAX, this rumor certainly lends credence to the possibility that the Sprint version will be 4G-equipped, giving the Epic a big brother in the carrier's growing stable of sexy WiMAX hardware. Samsung has an event lined up in New York next Thursday, the 16th (which we'll be attending, naturally) and the WSJ goes on to say that the Tab's US unveil is going to go down there. Pricing remains an open question, but considering that the Tab's a full-on cellphone in addition to a data device, it seems that American customers might need to be comfortable with another contract if they want in on this thing. Ouch.