Apple spawns new accessory line: nano watch straps

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Dave Caolo
September 13th, 2010
Apple spawns new accessory line: nano watch straps
The success of the iPods, iPhone and iPad have been a boon for Apple and accessory makers. Shortly after each product's introduction, a small but highly competitive cottage industry of cases, sleeves, stands and so on emerges. Now, the new iPod nano's unique design has many manufacturers thinking the same thing: wristwatch.

The nano is small, light, square-ish and features a touch screen. When popped into a strap accessory like the Linq by Incipio, it looks good! The Linq will be available in five colors when released (grey, black, pink, blue and white), though a release date and pricing information are unavailable as of this writing.

It looks nice and the iPod seems well-protected, but I wouldn't want a wire going from my wrist to my ears all day. But that's just me.

[Via Oh!Gizmo]
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