myFry: Stephen Fry's second autobiography becomes an interactive app

David Winograd
D. Winograd|09.13.10

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I've been following actor, all around wit, and Apple enthusiast Stephen Fry's career since I saw him play the wonderfully droll and brilliant butler, Jeeves in the English TV series Jeeves and Wooster back in the early 90's. Hugh Laurie, probably better known as Dr. House, played Bertie Wooster over the four seasons of tales from the P.G. Wodehouse's books. Since (and before) then he's done an amazing amount of work, from appearing in V for Vendetta to narrating the English versions of the Harry Potter Audiobooks books.

The second volume of his autobiography entitled: The Fry Chronicles has been released in England as a hardcover book (UK£20.00), AudioBook, iBook (£12.99) and an iPhone app titled myFry (£7.99) in the British iTunes store. It's not yet available in the US store. The digital versions are enhanced with seven videos.

The myFry app looks quite intriguing. Instead of linearity, (which is so passé) these days Fry opted for a color wheel that can take you to any themed section of the book where you can read sections of that theme. So the book isn't meant to be read in any particular order, at least on the iPhone. Without seeing it, (being a bloody Yank), I can see this working, since Fry's writing is quite anecdotal and randomly breaking it up might be just the thing. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

[via 9to5 Mac]

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