Pirates of the Burning Sea to go F2P with next expansion

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Pirates of the Burning Sea to go F2P with next expansion
Having just cranked out the shiny new expansion Power & Prestige for Pirates of the Burning Sea, the team at Flying Lab Software has opted to set a course for another uncharted destination -- the free-to-play waters! Indeed -- it appears that the company has been planning this move since the tail end of last year, and what's more, it has already coded in the free-to-play elements -- currently in testing. While no specific date has been given, the hope is to release this change in the fall along with their next expansion content pack.

Russell Williams, CEO of Flying Lab Software noted the change in a statement: "Since we launched Pirates of the Burning Sea in January 2008, players have been battling on the high seas to control the Caribbean. With Power & Prestige's Port Governance, we've added a whole new level of immersion to the struggle for power. Players also have access to a wealth of new content, and have a whole new fighting school to master. We're also excited to make Pirates of the Burning Sea even more accessible by making it free-to-play in the near future so that even more players can enjoy the amazing ship battles, in-depth missions, and the rich Caribbean setting."

More information regarding the decision can be found on the Pirates of the Burning Sea website, for those curious. In the meantime, good thing that Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming! We can get to practicin' on our piratin' talk before it be time to weigh anchor and set sail on the F2P sea, mateys.
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