Franklin AnyBook brings timeshifting to the voice recorder world, thinks of the children

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.18.10

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Franklin AnyBook brings timeshifting to the voice recorder world, thinks of the children
Hello there, Franklin -- sort of forgot you existed in the consumer electronics realm. Our bad. But being frank, we're pretty stoked about your newest educational tool, and we get the feeling that parents everywhere will be as well. The AnyBook digital pen is a voice recorder at heart, but it's actually far more unique underneath. Put simply (or as simply as possible), parents can record their own voices as they read aloud the favorite books of their offspring, placing a special sticker on each page as a marker and denoting page turns by pressing a button on the pen. Then, if the child(ren) wish to hear mum or dad read the text aloud in the future (say, while at daycare), they simply tap the pen to the aforementioned stickers and a familiar voice comes belting through. Think of it as comfort food for your tyke, but in aural form. The October-bound AnyBook will ship in two flavors: the DRP-3000 holds up to 15 hours of voice for $39.99, while the DRP-4000 holds 60 hours of soothing, loving words for $59.99. Touches your heart, doesn't it?
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Franklin Electronic Publishers Launches Interactive Reading Device for Children: AnyBook™ Reader

~ Your Voice, Your Child, Your Books ~

BURLINGTON, N.J., Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 1, 2010, Franklin Electronic Publishers, known for its educational language products will launch a line-up for Franklin Discover reading enhancement products, spearheaded by a new "reader" for parents passionate about the importance of reading in the education of their children: AnyBook Reader. Unlike anything else ever offered on the market, AnyBook Reader allows YOUR child to hear YOU read "AnyBook" for an intimate learning experience, even when you are not there.

It's so simple to use. There is no PC or special equipment needed. It is language independent with only 3 intuitive buttons. You'll be up and running in minutes and here is how: (1) pick a book, any book, and sticker each page; (2) page by page, tap the sticker with the AnyBook Reader; and (3) read and record each page. Then as your child taps any sticker in "AnyBook" with the Reader, he hears you read that same page out loud. AnyBook Reader comes in two models that differ by memory size: Model DRP-3000 allows you to record up to 15 hours of your voice and retails for $39.99 and Model DRP-4000 allows you up to 60 hours of content and retails for $59.99.

In today's market, AnyBook Reader allows a traveling parent or far away grandparent the opportunity to bond and help teach their child while they are apart-a great asset for today's changing family nucleus. It brings that personalized touch for grandparents who otherwise are unable to travel long distances, military families and any long-distance family member who so much still want to be there for that that special child in their lives.

Because AnyBook Reader can be used with "AnyBook" in your library, it's the most affordable solution with no add-on costs or limitation of what books it can work with as there are no special books to buy. AnyBook Reader also gives a parent a unique opportunity to control the learning content by focusing in on specific themes of their choice. Since AnyBook Reader is language independent, you can read to your child from afar in any language or use selective multi-language vocabulary. Easy to use, AnyBook Reader requires no programming nor do you need to download content or connect to a computer.

"Franklin has always been known for its commitment to education, specifically in language and reading skills. We believe in simple solutions that everyone can afford and today we're proud to be able to touch even our youngest readers. With AnyBook Reader, we've developed an engaging two-way communication device that by nature is interactive and personalized," says Barry J. Lipsky, president and chief executive officer of Franklin Electronic Publishers.

By bridging the gap between the time that parent and child are together and the time that they are not, AnyBook Reader aims to enhance the overall reading, learning and communication experience.

AnyBook Reader will be available online at, and in retail at select Barnes & Noble stores. For more information about AnyBook Reader, please visit: For any press inquiries please contact Alyson Campbell at AMP3 Public Relations via 646.827.9594 or

For additional information about other Franklin Discover products such as PageMark dictionary, book lights, illuminated magnifiers and read timers, visit

About Franklin

Franklin Electronic Publishers Incorporated is a world leader in electronic handheld devices, having sold approximately 42,000,000 electronic books. Current titles available directly or through partners number more than 116,000 in sixteen languages, under license from world-class publishers such as Merriam-Webster, Oxford University Press, Larousse, Langenscheidt, PONS, and HarperCollins, and are focused in four areas: language expansion, language learning, reading enhancement, and writing enhancement. The Company also licenses its underlying technology to an array of partners, which include Adobe and Sun Microsystems. Franklin's products are available at 49,000 retail outlets worldwide, through catalogs, and online at
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