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Panasonic GH2 expected to have 16 megapixel sensor, maybe even 1080/60p video

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|09.18.10

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Panasonic GH2 expected to have 16 megapixel sensor, maybe even 1080/60p video
It was almost exactly a year ago that we asked you how you'd change the Panasonic GH1, and the consensus response was that the camera's biggest flaw was its stratospheric price. Well, Panasonic's about to help you out there, as it seems a GH2 successor is all but assured to debut at this year's Photokina exhibition, which is sure to put a little downward pressure on GH1 levies. The new shooter is rumored to be making mostly evolutionary upgrades, with 16 rather than 12 effective megapixels squeezed into its sensor, expanded ISO range up to 12,800, faster autofocus performance with the kit 14-140mm lens, 5fps burst shooting, and 1080/60i video recording at 24Mbps. Where things get interesting is the suggestion that the GH2 will be capable of 1080/60p, but that the AVCHD recording format -- whose current spec doesn't include 60 frames of 1080p goodness -- is forcing it to store data in the 60i mode. That'd be a pretty sweet new addition if true and we're inclined to believe it given the additional rumor of three processing cores inside the GH2. We'll know how much of this is legit by the middle of next week, Photokina isn't a place famed for keeping secrets -- quite the opposite, actually.
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