HDI Dune's universal media player / home automation boxes show up at CEDIA

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HDI Dune's universal media player / home automation boxes show up at CEDIA
After making their debut at IFA earlier in the month, the HDI Dune family of media streamer / Blu-ray combo units appeared Stateside at CEDIA 2010. We spent most of our time checking out the HDI Dune Max, a $499 unit which includes a well-thought out menu system that pulls in info and box art from internet databases and features the ability to play back Blu-ray content from discs or image files equally well, but builds on that with additional streaming capabilities (we saw some Russian TV in action, but were told a Netflix app is on the way) and stream content to the company's HDI Dune Smart family of extenders, or integrate with an control Z-Wave compatible home automation setups with the HDI Dune Home add-on. Also present, but not connected, was the $1,999 HDI Dune Pro unit that builds on the Max with upgraded internal components at home in any high quality rack and home automation hardware built-in, check out a few pictures in the gallery and a press release after the break. %Gallery-103330%

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HDI Dune Announces North American Launch of Four New Universal Media Players and Home Automation Technology

ATLANTA, Sept 23, 2010

CEDIA -- HDI Dune introduced its new line of home automation-ready media players to the North American market at the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta today.

Its product line--which includes the company's no-compromise high-definition media center for audio and video enthusiasts as well as its diminutive networked media player for adding HD media capabilities to any TV in the house--cover a range of feature sets with prices from $249 to $1999.

"Consumers are demanding more from fewer components. HDI Dune has capitalized on the market for universal players that consolidate the functionality of a Blu-ray disc deck, media server, DVR, and network attached storage into a single box," said Konstantin Dyshlevoy, CEO of HDI Dune.

"Each device is designed with expandability in mind, be it networking capabilities or allowances for new hardware and technology as it becomes available. Our forward-looking philosophy ensures that these products stay current even as technology changes. With our new HDI Dune Home technology upgrade, for example, consumers can use our players to monitor and control connected devices in the home--like lights, cameras and thermostats--all via the television and mobile phones."

HDI Dune Pro

HDI Dune Pro is the ultimate HD entertainment center. Designed with the discerning and tech-savvy consumer in mind, HDI Dune Pro features a true audiophile-grade power supply, a Wolfson WM8741 DAC, and optimized internal components for superior quality with both 7.1-channel digital and 2-channel analog playback. It also comes standard with a Blu-ray disc drive, a 3.5" SATA HDD rack, Ethernet and WiFi networking capabilities, and HDI Dune Home technology for connected home services.

MSRP $1999

Dune HD Max

The latest fully-featured, integrated media center from HDI Dune, the Dune HD Max expands on the feature set of the popular Dune BD Prime 3.0 and Dune HD Base 3.0 media players. Among the new components is a powerful Sigma Designs SMP8642 video processor and a built-in optical drive that allows the Dune HD Max to play anything from CDs to DVDs and Blu-ray discs. The player also has a 3.5'' SATA HDD rack with hot-swap support, an SD card slot, and three high-speed USB 2.0 ports to connect external storage and extension modules.

MSRP $499

Dune HD Smart

The Dune HD Smart is the first media platform on the market to feature a modular system approach consisting of base module players that can be complemented by an array of extension modules. Each of the base modules can be used as a compact and affordable full-HD media center or as the foundation for a customized system using different extension modules of the user's choice.

Smart B1 - player with a low-noise optical disc drive (CD/DVD/Blu-ray) based on Sony mechanics and optics, specially designed for usage in home cinema systems

Smart D1 - player with a digital info display and an expansion bay to connect a 3.5'' SATA HDD

Smart H1 - player with a 3.5'' SATA HDD rack with hot-swap support

MSRP between $249 and $309

Dune HD Lite 53D

The Dune HD Lite 53D is the first player in the Dune HD Lite line of products. With a sleek, upright form factor and five colorful case options, the Dune HD Lite 53D is a friendly addition to the home environment, in addition to being one of the most affordable full-functioning universal media players on the market. While its big brothers, the Dune HD Max and Dune HD Smart players will be employed principally as the heart of the home cinema room, the Lite 53D players can expand the functionality of Dune HD players to other rooms. The player offers the flexibility to create an affordable A/V solution for the entire home.

MSRP $169

HDI Dune Home

Standard on the HDI Dune Pro and available as an optional upgrade for all other current units, HDI Dune Home enables home control and automation based on Z-Wave technology for a range of networked devices including lights, cameras and thermostats. The technology, developed in conjunction with 4Home, features an intuitive interface that is displayed on the television and accessed via the standard remote. The software supports a range of services including home monitoring, remote device management, and alerts and access to the home network via the mobile phone.

MSRP $99 (includes the software module for Dune HD players and Z-Wave USB stick)

For a listing of North American distributors visit: http://dune-hd.com/index.php?do=resellerlist

About HDI Dune

HDI Dune is a global leader in cutting-edge entertainment and lifestyle products for the home. Its Dune HD and HDI Dune lines of high-definition A/V components feature the latest consumer technology, including HDI Dune Home, a new platform that lets consumers manage their home's connected devices from the television. Visit www.Dune-HD.com for more information.

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