New Yorker, Gourmet iPad apps debut

Two highly-anticipated iPad app releases have finally hit the App Store, and they're both magazines: The New Yorker and Gourmet Live.

The New Yorker (free for the app, US$4.99 per issue) joins Gourmet Live as the latest magazine apps from publisher Condé Nast. The navigation is simple: tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the controls. You can quickly move between sections and articles with the scrubber or table of contents. For more leisurely reading, swipe between pages.

One unique feature is how the magazine's famous cartoons are handled. Tap anyone to bring up a scrollable cartoon gallery. Plus, you can enter the regular caption contest right from within the app. It looks great, and we're eager to try it out.

Meanwhile, ill-fated Gourmet Magazine has been reborn as the iPad app Gourmet Live (the current issue is free; there's no word of future pricing). As John Gruber points out, Gourmet is now in the unique position of existing as an iPad app only. Its content is organized by topic and theme, and it features recipes, slideshows, video and a lot more.

For now, there's no subscription option for either, but rumors suggest that could change soon. WIRED has come down in price since its introduction, but it remains to be seen if customers will embrace the per-issue pricing model. Other Condé Nast properties have transitioned to the iPad well, like WIRED, Epicurious and GQ.

Finally, Jason Schwartzman and Roman Coppola have produced a hilarious short film introducing The New Yorker's app. Check it out on the next page (Flash, sorry).