Volvo pedestrian avoidance test goes horribly, comically wrong (video)

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.27.10

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Volvo pedestrian avoidance test goes horribly, comically wrong (video)
Hey, can't fault 'em for trying! Volvo, which is widely recognized as one of the safer automakers on the planet, is apparently developing a new pedestrian avoidance system for its motorcars. The concept is pretty simple -- if your car senses a human in the way of its path, it's supposed to alert you, suggest you brake and generally help you avoid tacking a hit 'n run onto your already impressive rap sheet. As you'll so clearly see in the video embedded after the break, there's a reason the automobile industry relies on dummies for crash testing. For what it's worth, the test was successful the majority of the time, with this particular snafu blamed on improper placement of said dummy. Of course, we certainly hope no one at Volvo expects "improper placement of a human" to excuse the system once implemented in the real world...

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