Reminder: Woz on Big Bang Theory tonight

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.30.10

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Reminder: Woz on Big Bang Theory tonight
Finally! Tonight's the night! We first heard months ago that our own Steve Wozniak was coming to the nerdy sitcom Big Bang Theory, and tonight is the night that he makes his appearance. We're still not sure how or why he'll show up, but tonight's episode is about scientist Sheldon trying to put his brain into the body of a robot, so maybe he'll consult the Woz for a little computing insight. The show airs at 8pm Eastern and Pacific time, and 7pm Central, so either tune in or set your DVR to CBS to check it out.

And if you do watch the show live, Woz has tweeted that he'll be chatting along with viewers on the iPad's app, which is a free download from the App Store (and I guess creates a chat room for shows while they're airing). Should be a lot of fun -- we're looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.
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