TERA shows off scary vampires

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.04.10

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TERA shows off scary vampires
While it can be said that TERA's female avatars are occasionally guilty of vamping it up, particularly when strutting around the high-fantasy world in their stiletto heels and supervixen armor, actual bloodsucking immortals weren't something we initially pictured in Bluehole Studio's upcoming title. That said, fantasy MMOs have featured them before, notably in EverQuest II's Bloodline Chronicles adventure pack, and TERA looks to continue the tradition of undead MMO mobs as evidenced by the latest Screenshot of the Week featurette.

The folks at Bluehole and En Masse Entertainment are putting a unique spin on the usual creature-of-the-night motif, as the official website says the vampirs were "once peaceful residents of Popolion and [its] environs, [but have since] gone insane and resumed their former blood-sucking ways."

Check out the news blurb on the TERA website and the new images in our gallery below.
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