Warhammer Online brings open RvR modifications to test server

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|10.05.10

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Warhammer Online brings open RvR modifications to test server
Warhammer Online recently turned two years old, and while it's been an occasionally rocky two years, the development team has been focusing in on making the core of the game the best it can be. That's been the motivation behind the plethora of RvR updates that have been pushed live over the past year, culminating in recent news regarding the much-anticipated RvR pack. There's a lot more to come, however, and the team is giving players a chance to try out some of the coming changes early, with the updates to open RvR scheduled for public testing.

The first massed public test of the new mechanics will be taking place on Wednesday, October 6th, at 8:00 p.m. EDT on the Warpstone test server. Tier 3 combat is on the menu, with templates provided for players who don't happen to have a character that fits the criteria. No word on whether or not participants will be eligible for prizes, but considering past test realm events, rewards for players seem like a distinct possibility. Warhammer Online players are encouraged to set some time aside for the Wednesday event and should prepare themselves for Warpstone access ahead of time.

[Editor's note: We've corrected the error in the original post. Thanks to those readers who alerted us to the mistake!]
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