320GB PS3 bundled with Torne DVR in Japan

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JC Fletcher
October 5th, 2010
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320GB PS3 bundled with Torne DVR in Japan
Sony has introduced yet another PlayStation 3 variant to the Japanese market, for those who weren't already confused enough about whether to buy the system in white, black, or blue, with or without a game, with a 160GB or 320GB hard drive, and with or without the Torne DVR add-on.

The latest PS3 bundle, available in Japan November 18 at ¥39,980 ($480) includes a Charcoal Black PS3 with a 320GB hard drive, and a Torne tuner. In addition, Sony also announced that it will market a longer USB cable for charging PS3 controllers. "Through the introduction of this new bundle pack and peripheral, SCEJ will continue to further expand the PS3 platform and create a new world of computer entertainment that is only possible on PlayStation." Charging from 2 meters away -- you can't get that anywhere else.
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