Microsoft and Adobe CEOs meet, purportedly plan world domination

Like any two technology behemoths, Adobe and Microsoft have certainly had their ups and downs. But now that Google and Apple are looming over them in a number of ways, it seems as if the two may be courting one another in order to help re-level the playing field. According to a New York Times report -- which was crafted after collecting reports from "employees and consultants to the companies who were involved in the discussions that took place" -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen recently met at the latter's headquarters for a closed-door meeting. Purportedly, the meeting went on for over an hour and covered a variety of topics, with one of 'em being Apple and its newfound dominance in the mobile market. Shockingly enough, a "possible acquisition of Adobe by Microsoft were among the options" of stopping the skyrocketing growth. The report accurately notes that such a deal makes entirely more sense now that Redmond isn't exactly the 800 pound gorilla that it was before Android and iOS hit the mainstream, though details beyond these assumptions were few and far betwixt. Whatever happens, no one can blame Steve Jobs for not giving Adobe every possible reason to hit Apple with everything it's got -- even if that involves buddying up with Ballmer and co.