Inception Blu-ray dated for December 7 with 90 minutes of extras

Warner's finally seen fit to announce details for the US release of Inception on Blu-ray disc, due December 7. Our expectations are high, after the success of Christopher Nolan's last effort, The Dark Knight in sales and quality, and Inception's visuals and audio seem like a perfect fit for Blu-ray. Extras include a "Extraction Mode," likely similar to other Warner Maximum Movie modes where the director comes in and explains details in PiP, and a DTS-HD MA soundtrack. The sellsheet (after the break, along with the back of the box) for the $35.99 Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy combo pack promises more than 90 minutes of extras featuring the director and star Lenoardo DiCaprio, however right now it appears if you've been looking to obtain a briefcase like the one featured in the movie, you'll need to grab the European version and its laundry list of collectibles.