Android 'Ice Cream' the sweet toothed followup to Honeycomb?

Ah, the age old alphabetical dessert guessing game. Pretty soon we'll have more future Android versions named than existing ones on the market. And you know what? That's okay, because we're hungry. Apparently the President of ARM, Tudor Brown, spilled the vanilla beans to Elizabeth Woyke of Forbes, saying that Android 4.0 will be called "Ice Cream," and while it seems like a bit of an obvious choice for an "I" dessert, that's never stopped Google's crack naming crew before. (Donut, anybody?) Somehow we get the feeling that Google spends a lot less time thinking about potential names for desserts than we do, and that's alright: they've got a lot of OS work to do. Us? We just have to whine about Android fragmentation for an hour or so a week on the podcast. Hardly a full load.

[Image courtesy of Robot Dreams]