Pachter: 254K Wiis sold in September, 312K PS3s

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Pachter: 254K Wiis sold in September, 312K PS3s
With the NPD deeming the unwashed masses unfit to receive hardware sales data, we've been forced to procure the company's data through other means. Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg made it easy yesterday, announcing the Xbox 360 sold 483,989 units in September, which is up 37 percent from the same time last year. Meanwhile, the other console makers were to be a bit shy -- and now we know why. Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter revealed in his investor note today, sourcing NPD's data, that the Wii and PS3 sold 254K and 312K units, respectively. That's a 45 percent drop from the same time last year for Nintendo and a 37 percent hit for Sony.

Pachter notes it's hard to ding the PS3 in a sales comparisons to last year, as it was flying high after receiving a major boost from that $100 price drop. However, for the Wii, he says the console continues to struggle due to "gamer fatigue" and "lack of high-profile releases."
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