T-Mobile to intro $10 data plan for smartphone data lightweights?

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|10.18.10

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T-Mobile to intro $10 data plan for smartphone data lightweights?
It's getting pretty clear that T-Mobile is rethinking its mobile data strategy, what with all the prepaid plans, data throttling and WiFi calling going on, and TmoNews says it isn't done shaking things up -- the carrier will reportedly introduce a 200MB data plan specifically for smartphone owners at $10 a month. Before you voice your hatred of tiered data pricing, know that Magenta will reportedly retain the existing $30 unlimited data plan, unlike its blue-and-white rival, and customers who pick the cheaper option will apparently be able to upgrade on the fly. If and when the option debuts in November, it could make that next batch of smartphones all the more accessible. Perhaps you'll be able to afford an LG Optimus T for the young'uns after all.
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