T-Mobile director scares the FCC with a chilling tale: 'The IM App that Killed Our Network'

It's almost Halloween, kiddies. Do you have your spooky stories ready for telling around the campfire? If you need a little help, take inspiration from this doozy told by Grant Castle, a Director at T-Mobile USA. It was submitted to the FCC way back in January and as a sort of written protest against "risky and unnecessary" net neutrality rules. He tells the tale of an undisclosed IM app that caused the network of an undisclosed city to go offline due to its too-frequent polling to check for updates. T-Mo engineers had to reach out to that app's developer and get him to change its code, saving the company's towers from the program's thousands of users. There's no telling which of the company's many outages were caused by the app that wouldn't die (shriek), but we'd sure hate to think that any members of the FCC are losing sleep over this saga of corporate woe.