Two more Level-5 games moving to 3DS

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Two more Level-5 games moving to 3DS
Level-5 showed strong support for the 3DS platform at its Level-5 Vision event. In addition to revealing Professor Layton vs. Gyakuten Saiban, showing off Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, and announcing Time Travelers' migration to the 3D handheld, the developer also showcased two other 3DS games, both recently moved to 3DS from other platforms.

Fantasy Life, Brownie Brown's game about performing various jobs in an RPG-style town verging on apocalypse, was first announced for DS last year, but will now be released on 3DS, with a new polygonal art style, in 2011. It features contributions from Final Fantasy vets Yoshitaka Amano (doing illustrations) and Nobuo Uematsu (composing).

Level-5 also announced a 3DS version of Kyaba Joppi, a hostess simulator originally for the mobile game service ROID. Andriasang has screens of this adorable game -- which, we expect, won't leave Japan. It features guest customers like Lupin III.
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