GameStop finishes nationwide rollout of PowerUp Rewards program

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GameStop finishes nationwide rollout of PowerUp Rewards program
GameStop has announced that its PowerUp Rewards program, which offers various bonuses to card-carrying loyal customers, is now available in all retail locations across the country. For those who missed the specifics of the program when it was dreamed up earlier this year, customers can now sign up for a free or a $15-per-year "Pro" membership -- both give Rewards points (exchangeable for gift cards, Netflix or Xbox Live subscriptions and other freebies), but only the latter comes with a discount on pre-owned goods and a subscription to Game Informer magazine.

To celebrate the program's nationwide rollout, GameStop has gussied up its NASCAR ride with a sweet custom paint job, featuring an airbrushed wizard and some fire and ... well, just the name of the program, actually. Which is less exciting. Perhaps they could add the chart posted after the jump, which breaks down the two tiers of PowerUp Rewards membership, as a bitchin' decal?

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