Massively Mob Halloween event: Global Agenda's Oasis Checkpoint... Of Doom!

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|10.22.10

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Massively Mob Halloween event: Global Agenda's Oasis Checkpoint... Of Doom!
Happy Halloween Mobsters! It's another community event, and this time we're getting spooky! The team at Hi-Rez Studios has put together a brand new Halloween-themed raid, and you're invited to come along and raid with the developers!

Next Thursday, October 28th, join us in Global Agenda from 7:00 p.m. EDT to 9:00 p.m. EDT to lay the smack down on some ghostly robots inside the game's level 30 raid queue. In celebration of Halloween, all of the level 30 raid queues will be converted over to run the brand new raid mission: "The Oasis Checkpoint... Of Doom!" During our two-hour-long event, the staff of Hi-Rez will be jumping into the raid queue to play as well, so you might get the chance to play with one of the Global Agenda developers!

Not level 30? No worries! You have plenty of time to level up before Thursday, or you could use a Global Agenda boost to double your experience while you play. (Use boost to get through?)

Plus, while you're waiting for the raid to pop, editors will be in Dome City, holding a Global Agenda-themed trivia contest. Ten lucky contest winners will get Halloween head flair for their character, so you can celebrate Halloween all the time!

So be sure to join us next Thursday, and keep an eye out for a post on Tuesday where we'll break down the entire schedule of events!
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