Put the pedal to the metal with a beta key for Test Drive Unlimited 2's beta event this weekend

You know, we don't get many racing games around these parts. Need For Speed World was one of the first games, for sure, but there was another game before that -- Test Drive Unlimited.

Test Drive Unlimited is back with a sequel, and this time it's coming to the PC crowd in addition to the consoles. TDU2 will be taking place on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Just like before, your single-player and multiplayer experiences are blended together in TDU's "always online" M.O.O.R state (Massively Open Online Racing), so you'll pass/meet other players, even if you're choosing to play the single-player mode.

This version of TDU also finally allows you to get outside your car and walk around as an avatar, buying clothing and customizing your look. And, if you missed not being able to form your own social cliques in the last game, no worries! This sequel features the ability to create "clubs" -- groups of drivers racing for power and profit.

This weekend is a special beta event for the game, and we here at Massively are holding 1,500 keys to give away! Be the first to check out the new Test Drive Unlimited by jumping past the break for your key and the full instructions on how to get into the beta weekend!

If you're not at the redline, you're not going fast enough

So you want a beta key, eh? Well there's a few things we have to go over first.

This weekend's beta event is a limited-run, as the servers will only be online on Saturday, between the hours of 3:00 p.m. EDT (12:00 p.m. PDT) and 7:00 p.m. EDT (4:00 p.m. PDT.) That's a mere four hours for you to get your racing on, so make sure you can attend before grabbing yourself a key.

If you're still interested, then head on over to Test Drive Unlimited 2's website and create an account for yourself. Once you've done that and you're logged in, visit the TDU2 key redemption page to redeem your key.

Once you've done that, download the game's client over at our sister site, Big Download! The client is a hefty 3.6 gig download, so be sure to download the game as soon as possible.

Oh, but wait, you still need a key! Well look no further than the giant green button below. Click there to be taken to our key page and get a TDU2 key of your very own!

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