Adobe launches Project ROME preview, all-in-one content creation/publishing

Sam Abuelsamid
S. Abuelsamid|10.24.10

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Adobe launches Project ROME preview, all-in-one content creation/publishing

Apple's favorite software vendor has just released a preview of a new content creation and publishing tool called Project ROME. Project ROME is an Adobe AIR application that can either be run as a Web app in your browser or downloaded and installed on your local machine.

Project ROME is mix of old-school desktop publishing, graphical editing, animation and content publishing. You can create everything from business cards, to newsletters or even full websites within the tool and then publish the content to your favorite social networking site or to an Adobe hosted account. It comes with a lots of built-in templates, or you can create your own and share them through Adobe.

The new app can run on Mac OS X 10.5 or higher or on Windows. For now the preview is free, but it looks like Adobe plans to charge for the app at some point. Adobe has created both a home and business edition and a second version for education. Check out the videos in the second half of the post for a preview and grab it to try out for yourself at Adobe.

[via Macworld]

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