Fallout: New Vegas explodes on UK charts

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Fallout: New Vegas explodes on UK charts

Fallout: New Vegas hit it big on the High Street strip, taking the top spot on the UK Charts and besting Fallout 3's premiere week sales by 29 percent. Last week's top game, Medal of Honor, lost ground and dropped 48 percent in sales to second place, while FIFA 11 also slipped one position to the third spot.

Nintendo DS title Professor Layton and the Lost Future (Unwound Future across the pond) debuted in fourth place, with -- no surprise! -- Just Dance 2 showing the stamina of its predecessor by rounding out the top 5. In case you're wondering, the original Just Dance doesn't look like it's coming back to the top ten this year, but it's still sitting comfortably in the teens at the 14 spot.

Higher-profile premieres that didn't make the top ten include: Vanquish at #12, EA Sports MMA at #23 and DJ Hero 2 at #25. Discover the UK top ten for 10 picarats after the break.

Top 10 UK Software Sales (All Formats); week ending October 16:
  1. Fallout: New Vegas
  2. Medal of Honor
  3. FIFA 11
  4. Professor Layton and the Lost Future
  5. Just Dance 2
  6. Wii Party
  7. Wii SPorts Resort
  8. F1 2010
  9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
  10. Dead Rising 2
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