Anti-Aliased: End of line pt. 2

We sometimes forget who exactly makes these games, who writes about these games, and who reads and plays all of these games. We do. We are gamers. Each and every one of us who walk onto this or any other video game site is a gamer. We may be competitive and we may have different tastes, but each one of us was drawn here because we share a passion for having fun in virtual worlds.

Developers came into this industry to make fun games. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they succeed. Gaming journalists came into this industry because they wanted to write about games and share their passion for their hobby with other gamers. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they succeed. And you... you came here to have fun. You came here for the same reason the rest of us are here. We are you, and you are us.

So sure, we sometimes fail in what we do, or sometimes we have the tendency to disagree, or sometimes we just present a differing opinion. But when those things happen, it does not mean that we are that different from one another. Always remember that we are here for the same reason, and always remember that we're all just trying to have some fun.

I'm leaving, but I'm not going far

I've always hated tags. I've always disliked the tendency for people to pigeon-hole a product or a person. I am not one thing and I will never be just one thing.

I'm a gamer, a writer, a musician, a transgendered woman, an adventurer, a snowboarder, an actor, a roleplayer, and, once again, I am a community specialist.

I'm happy to announce to all of you that while I am leaving Massively at the end of October, I'm taking the trip up to Boston to join Turbine's community team. (You've already met the other new community specialist.) I'm super-excited about this job, and I can't wait to meet all of you in The Lord of the Rings Online and the Dungeons & Dragons Online communities. I will be following my passion for gaming on a whole different level, and I'll have the lovely opportunity to work with and serve you awesome guys and gals.

So, before I mosey down the road like Dr. Bruce Banner, thank you to everyone who's read one of my columns throughout these years. I hope I have entertained and, perhaps, given you something to think about during these last few years. I know you guys have certainly given me quite the education in your many wonderful comments, and I now have plenty of gaming topics to think about. This column wouldn't be here if you guys didn't read it, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now go out there and have yourselves some fun.

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Seraphina Brennan has been the proud writer of Anti-Aliased, and she's really going to miss this column. Be sure to follow her updates through her personal Twitter feed, or do her a favor and go play a Turbine game. Also, she wishes to remind you that she loves kittens. Yay kittens.