Myspace gets a reboot, Billo's profile still hopelessly under-designed (video)

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|10.27.10

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That's right, it's spelled Myspace now (no longer with the capital "s"). And if you want to do the logo any justice, you have to take the "space" literally, so it comes out something like: my[____]. Get it? We don't, but that isn't stopping the News Corp-owned social networking site and haunt for all things tweenaged and tweemo (as well as the world's foremost Blingee! repository) from re-launching with a new design, a new homepage, and a new focus as an entertainment portal. Makes sense to us, although we really just wish they'd get around to production on that Myspace Media Player already. Get a preview for yourself after the break.

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