TERA shows off spooky Eldritch Academy screens

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|10.28.10

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TERA shows off spooky Eldritch Academy screens
We're back with another round of new screenshots from En Masse Entertainment's TERA. Actually, since we somehow missed last week's set, we've got twice the awesome for you this week in the form of four new shots for our ever-growing TERA gallery.

Keeping with the Halloween theme, today's Screenshot of the Week featurette highlights Eldritch Academy, home of eerie toys, blood-sucking vampirs (nope, not a typo), and of course the ever-controversial attractive female avatars. Last week's shots come to us from the Freeholds, which are former farmlands recently occupied by federation soldiers waiting to take up arms against the Free Brotherhood.

Check out both sets of images in our gallery below, or on TERA's official website.

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