Win your guild a voice server by looking cool in our Guild Photo competition!

Quick, what are the two most important things for a guild to have?! If you answered being well-coordinated and looking cool, then you're already qualified to enter into our newest contest!

We're looking for screenshots of your guild looking awesome! Whether you're posing in front of your guild hall or a monument in your favorite game, or you have a great action screenshot of your guildies doing something awesome, we want to see it!

But even better, we have something in it for you besides immortal fame here on Massively! We've teamed up with voice server hosting pros MMO Mumble, so you might just win a few free months of voice server service (try saying that five times fast) for your guild!

If you're looking for more information on how to enter and what you can win, look after the break for all of the information!

Give us your best (screen)shot!

All right Massively gang, here's what we've got for you! We're looking for your best guild photos in the following categories: posed shot, action shot, and comedy shot. Our crack team of judging experts (read: the staff) will choose their favorite photos, and the guild that wins each of the categories will win a three-month free server from MMO Mumble!

Please note that any submitted screenshots must fall within the rules of our code of conduct. If you submit something that would break our code of conduct, your screenshot will be disqualified from the competition. No captions as well, please; we're just looking for some great screenshots!

A description of the categories are as follows:

Posed Shot -- These are the standard "my guild is a family" screenshots. Get your guild together and pose in a unique way in your guild hall, your favorite in-game location, or anything else you can think up!

Action Shot -- You have a great shot of your guild on a raid or taking out another guild in PvP? These are the types of shots we're looking for this category.

Comedy Shot -- Make us laugh, and you'll win this prize easily! Do whatever you can to get a rise out of the staff!

To enter in the contest, please leave a comment on this post with a link to your screenshot and into which category you're entering it. You may only submit one screenshot, so make sure to put it in the category you think it will win in! If you're chosen as a winner, you'll be contacted via email by one of the editors with your prize.

Our contest ends on Wednesday, November 10th, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Good luck to you all... we can't wait to see your creativity!