Canon PowerShot G12 scores predictably glowing review

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|10.30.10

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Canon PowerShot G12 scores predictably glowing review
If it's a pocketable PowerShot and its name begins with 'G' you can be pretty sure it'll be a good performer, and Canon's latest is no exception. The $499 G12 is the sequential successor to the G11 and, as is typical for the range, it isn't a revolutionary leap forward. The G12 makes use of its predecessor's 10 megapixel sensor situated behind the same 5x zoom lens and offering the same suite of full manual controls. New this year is a 720p24 video recording mode with stereo mics, finally bringing this camera into the HD age -- but sadly doing so without use of that zoom. Also new is an HDR mode, stitching together three photos to make those vampires hiding in the shadows really pop. According to Photography Blog those improvements plus a few other niceties make this a particularly solid compact, even if its chunky dimensions as ever push the definition of that term.
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