More details on the last City of Heroes meetup for the year

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|11.02.10

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More details on the last City of Heroes meetup for the year
Unfortunately, enormous war machines from a parallel Earth will not be in attendance at the City of Heroes meet-and-greet scheduled for this Saturday in California. (Although depending on how much you were hoping to get stomped, this might really be a net positive.) There will, however, be several members of the game's production staff on hand, and the Paragon Studios team has revealed details on just what fans can expect from this final gathering.

As is tradition, the staff will be raffling off several prizes, including the recently unveiled wall prints to help decorate your home. There will also be a pair of roundtable discussions with the team regarding powers and costumes, as well as a short presentation by the senior design staff. David "Noble Savage" Nakayama will also be at the event to provide sketches of player characters chosen at random, encouraging players to bring a color screenshot of a character to the event. City of Heroes players in the area are encouraged to attend, as it promises to be a pretty fun chance to meet the team.
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