Warhammer Online reveals the classes of the Skaven

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|11.02.10

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Warhammer Online reveals the classes of the Skaven
While last year was technically the Year of the Rat, the rodents seem to have taken over this year as well in the form of the Skaven. Players were excited when it was first announced that Warhammer Online would at last feature playable Skaven, even though it was stated that there would be certain limitations. A new document about the creatures has just gone up, with both fiction to explain the presence of the creatures on each side and a breakdown of the abilities they will bring to the battlefield.

Like other races, the Skaven have four classes unique to them. Warlock Engineers deploy support equipment while fielding powerful effects borne of Warp-Energy, Gutter Runners stay in the shadows and sabotage enemy fortifications, Rat Ogres sow confusion and panic with their powerful frames, and Pack Masters support the nearby Rat Ogres and spur their allies forward. Take a look at the full document for more details on these long-awaited additions to Warhammer Online -- and don't mind the scurrying sound from the walls.
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