Battle of the Immortals trailer teases new content update

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.03.10

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Battle of the Immortals trailer teases new content update
Perfect World Entertainment has just released a new trailer for their sprawling Battle of the Immortals Fall 2010 update patch. The patch, scheduled to go live on November 10th, features a plethora of new content including Mount Olympus, Shadow Manor, new class skills, new pets, equipment upgrades, and a vendor system.

Mount Olympus is geared toward endgame players and features an array of high-level bosses to fight, while Shadow Manor is a new raid dungeon for players over level 90. The 1.8 patch also boasts the requisite bug fixes as well as new maps and quests. Have a look at the trailer after the cut to see some of the new bosses and environments.
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