WiGig's 60GHz WiFi prototypes slated for 2011, real products for 2012

The second half of 2010 is nearly behind us, and we're afraid we're not seeing a whole lot of 60GHz modems on store shelves. So, when will WiGig's 1.5Gbps wireless transfer speeds forever shape our content-consuming lifestyles? The inside word is 2012. TrustedReviews sat down with VESA chairman Bruce Montag -- who also happens to be on the WiGig board -- and was told that the wireless DisplayPort products made possible by the recent WiGig / VESA partnership are due in "the first half of 2012." You won't necessarily need to wait that long to read about how they're going to make mothers of young, video gaming children jump for joy -- should all go according to plan, we'll be treated to glimpses of the first prototypes early next year.