Battlestar Galactica Online goes closed beta, releases new screens

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Battlestar Galactica Online goes closed beta, releases new screens
It looks like Bigpoint is stepping closer and closer to launching the browser-based Battlestar Galactica MMO. Open beta is due this December with launch exclusively on this fall. (Sci-fi on SyFy? Yes!) Fans will be happy to know that the game will be firmly set in the popular television show's universe complete with warring factions, exploration, mission-based PvE and lots of player-obliterates-player combat!

Ah, the joys of exploring the unique sights and ships of the Battlestar universe. Right now, closed beta players are being asked to finish a tutorial mission -- as either human or cylon -- then are sent off to freely explore the universe. They can experiment with mining, PvE or PvP content, or even exploring the Battlestar, space outposts, planet bases or a Cylon basestar! We all know that Cylons rule and humans drool, so this is good news.

Read on!

Dramatic missions will help to shape the overall storyline of the game. Tactical space combat seems to be the primary focus, but avatars are obviously involved. How involved? We've yet to see. Since the game is officially licensed, it will feature sights, sounds and tons of ships from the series. The game will be browser-based, created using the Unity engine. If you are a little hesitant when you hear that, don't worry. We stopped by the Bigpoint booth at GDC Online this year, and they are doing amazing things. It's exciting to think of the opportunities, and numbers, that being browser-based might bring.

Until you are able to play, enjoy these screenshots. (Yep, that's a Viper in the background.) Don't worry, Bigpoint promises that they are adding beta participants on a daily basis.

Soon, young pilots, very soon.
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