Xsyon beta update adds architecture skills, revamps terrain

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.11.10

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Xsyon beta update adds architecture skills, revamps terrain
Yep, Xsyon's still around, and the post-apocalyptic sandbox MMORPG from Notorious Games continues its beta testing phase with a full client and server update this week. The patch has also wiped all your beta characters as well as the world terrain, making way for smoother texture revisions that should be visible as you read this.

Other significant patch details include the architecture skill (which allows players to create walls and buildings), the masonry skill (designed to complement architecture), and various tweaks to combat and characters. Among these is a revision to the alignment system that flags both defenders and attackers. Finally, the new client boasts several bug fixes related to collision detection, memory leaks, and animation fixes.

Check out the full list of improvements on the official Xsyon forums.
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