Heroes of Abyssea teaser site opens for Final Fantasy XI

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|11.18.10

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Heroes of Abyssea teaser site opens for Final Fantasy XI
The third and final portion of the Abyssea trilogy is poised to hit Final Fantasy XI along with the other components of the December version update. We've known that the update will bring the conclusion to the tale of Vana'diel's dark mirror, but very little beyond that was known until today. Square-Enix has pushed the teaser site for Heroes of Abyssea live, and it contains more of the mini-expansion's lore as well as tantalizing glimpses of the new areas mirrored in the other world.

Although it's hard to be sure, it appears that at least one of the new areas will be in the frozen north, with a further hint being that Rise of the Zilaart and Wings of the Goddess are listed as the requisite expansions. Players can also peek at the completed Empyrean Armor sets, the third iteration of powerful class-based armor. Final Fantasy XI's last update of the year will have a lot to do all around, but Heroes of Abyssea should prove to be an interesting expansion to the popular series of leveling and gearing add-ons.
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