AutoBot app tracks your car if it tries to roll without you

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|11.21.10

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AutoBot app tracks your car if it tries to roll without you
We smell a Hasbro lawsuit coming with this one, but for now AutoBot is a funky name for a potentially great iPhone and Android app. Working in concert with a Bluetooth OBD-II dongle (not unlike the Superchips Vivid), it lets you diagnose engine troubles, keep track of maintenance, and locate your car via GPS coordinates -- useful for when some Decepticon tries to make off with your ride or when you're simply running low on energon and can't remember where you parked. It can even be configured to automatically send a text to loved ones should you get into an accident, specifying your GPS coordinates and ruining any hope of hitting the body shop before dad finds out. The Mavizon-developed app recently won a startup competition at i-Stage 2010 and sadly isn't slated to be available until 2012, but we should be getting an early look at CES. When it does ship it'll cost $300 for the hardware and the software, though an extra fee will be required if you want to banish pop-up ads back to Cybertron.

Update: Hate to say we called it, but as of 12/29/2010 this is now called the Mavizon Mavia.
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