Pirates of the Burning Sea delays F2P conversion

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.22.10

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Pirates of the Burning Sea delays F2P conversion
We haven't heard much out of Flying Lab Software since its announcement of Pirates of the Burning Sea's impending free-to-play conversion. Early this morning, Flying Lab producer Michelle "Misha" Williams posted on the game's official forum, confirming that the transformation will be pushed back.

In an email originally sent in late October, PotBS account holders were informed that the F2P switcheroo would occur "on or around November 22." Williams relates that both SOE and Flying Lab determined that a delay was in everyone's best interest. "While some of us had visions of tons of new players spending their entire Thanksgiving weekend doing their Christmas shopping in Pirates of the Burning Sea's Treasure Aisle, we've had to measure that against the risk of putting out a build with too many bugs on a short week when many folks crucial to responding to potential problems aren't available to do so," she writes.

Williams goes on to outline a few of the reasons for the delay, including the account-level gymnastics that SOE will be performing apart from Flying Lab's game code. Check out the full report on the o-boards.
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