Darkfall PvP tips contest results published

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.23.10

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Darkfall PvP tips contest results published
We've been giving Darkfall a lot of coverage lately, and deservedly so. The sandbox title from Aventurine is branching out beyond its boy's-club beginnings and becoming one of the more complete titles on the current market. The game isn't abandoning its PvP roots, however, and the world of Agon is experiencing an influx of new blood (or fresh meat, if you prefer) that could stand to be schooled in the ways of player vs. player.

To that end, Aventurine recently held a contest in which veteran gamers were asked to come up with their best PvP tips. A panel comprised of experienced PvPers and newer players mulled over the entries and selected five winners, each of whom will receive a unique forum title and rare in-game items for their trouble. Check out the winning tips for yourself on the Darkfall Epic Blog, and have a look at all of the entries (over 100 of them) via the contest announcement post.
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