Fluidity trickles down to WiiWare on Dec. 6

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JC Fletcher
November 23rd, 2010
Fluidity trickles down to WiiWare on Dec. 6
Fluidity, a WiiWare game that might be described as a platformer starring a small amount of water, will be released on the Wii Shop on December 6 for 1,200 Points.

First revealed at this year's PAX, Fluidity is a side-scrolling game in which players tilt the Wii Remote to move water through various obstacles, gaining the ability to freeze or boil the water when necessary. While a game like this may not really need a story (do you really need to motivate some water?) Nintendo revealed one in its announcement today: Fluidity is set within an encyclopedia called "Aquaticus," which is apparently under attack from the evil "Influence." Okay, it's not a lot of story.

To learn more about how Fluidity works, you'll find a 'How to Play" trailer after the break.%Gallery-101332%
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