TiVo announces iPad app to control TiVo box

Michael Gray
M. Gray|11.23.10

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TiVo announces iPad app to control TiVo box
If you're like most iPad users, then you probably surf the web and check out IMDB with your iPad while watching anything that might be showing on the television. TiVo knows this, embraces this, and wishes to support this. They want to make the experience between your television and your iPad even closer.

TiVo announced Monday a new, upcoming iPad app that will let you use many features of the TiVo service all on your iPad, without ever interrupting what's happening on your larger television screen.

The TiVo iPad application will allow you to browse TiVo's program guide, schedule recordings, remotely control your TiVo unit, and browse your library of recorded shows. Additionally, the app will search both broadcast TV and premium services like Netflix, let you check out the cast and crew information of any shows you're watching, as well as schedule shows to be recorded while you're on the road.

Upcoming does mean that it's not out yet, but TiVo says we'll be notified in the customer newsletter as soon as the app is available. It will be interesting to get our hands on the TiVo app since it really could open up a lot of powerful features.

[Via PCMag.com]
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