[Updated] Massively's big fat Black Friday roundup

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[Updated] Massively's big fat Black Friday roundup
Can you feel the love? The food comas? The day of sitting around napping while the kids sneak into the kitchen for another piece of pie? As you can see from the holiday e-card we've gotten, the gorging has already started in certain MMOs. However, for the rest of us who aren't virtual-demented-clown versions of Mr. Creosote, the promise of great deals looms once the turkey and pie are dispensed with. As we here at Massively are always on the lookout for a good deal, we've rounded up some MMO and hardware deals worth putting on your wish list.

Join us behind the break for some of the best 100% frosting-covered-clown-free bargains we've found. Also, if you spot anything particularly tasty in terms of sale prices, be sure to let us all know in comments!

[Updated] Switched the image out due to unintended offense, and adding more deals in as we find them!


Fallen Earth store sale
There are lots of good deals in the Fallen Earth store -- perfect for your post-apocalyptic needs. From three-month timecards, to deals on the iPhone app, clothing, mounts, and even a pet, it's what all the fashionable clones are craving this year. You know, aside from a way to insta-kill those mutated chickens at 100 yards.
Blizzard's World of Warcraft store
Just in case you happen to know (or are) an MMO gamer who hasn't yet taken the dip into Azeroth but has wondered what all the noise was about, this one is for you. Vanilla World of Warcraft and Burning Crusade are both $5 each, and Wrath is $10. You could be in-game and well on your way before Cataclysm launches. Meanwhile, for those already hooked on WoW, digital authenticators or vanity pets are always a good choice.
EVE Online store
The EVE Online store has been restocked with all manner of goodies perfect for the capsuleer on your list. From map bundles and an EON magazine bundle that are both over 50% off, to the regular selection of cool coffee mugs, t-shirts, and even ship models, residents of New Eden are pretty well set. Bonus: you don't have to contract for mercs to get this EVE loot delivered to your home in one piece.
EverQuest II store now offers gifting between players
Sony Online Entertainment is now offering a way for EverQuest II gamers to pick up something for in-game friends both near and far! When players head to the cash shop, they now have the option to "gift" an item -- perfect for long-distance friends as well as for that hard-to-buy-for guildmate who already has pretty much everything.
Lunia's Super Thanksgiving Sale
There's nothing like cool new clothing to get one in a festive mood! That's why Lunia is offering all manner of costume goodies in its super Thanksgiving sale. From limited-edition pieces to entire avatar sets, you'll find all manner of super-kawaii gear for your characters.
Cryptic Studios' C-store sale
For those caped crusaders, Cryptic is offering 20% off on everything in the Champions Online store from 10 a.m. PST on Friday until 10 a.m. PST on Monday. Not to leave out those exploring the virtual universe, Star Trek Online will also feature a similar 20% off sale; however, that one excludes the Enterprise Bundle and component parts. Nonetheless, it certainly beats the heck out of buying that Trek fan in your life a bottle of Pon Farr Perfume.
Global Agenda store sale
With copies of the game marked down to 50% off and experience tokens 25% off, there's really no reason to skip off getting into Hi-Rez Studios' sci-fi MMO frag-fest. After all, what could be better after a long day of putting up with holiday hassles than (virtually) blowing other folks off the map in PvP? No word on where well-dressed players can score one of those ridiculous turkey helmets, though.
Nexon's build-your-own Black Friday
Nexon offers a veritable smorgasbord of savings. In Vindictus, players can score 20% discounts on certain items. DFO is offering items from 20% to 50% off. Maplestory gives players the chance to unlock better discounts by playing, and Mabinogi players get not only discounts in the shop, but a double-rainbow event. So intense!
Hello Kitty Online premium pink holiday package
For those who can't get enough of the fluffy pinkness of Hello Kitty Online, Sanrio Digital is offering a bonus to those who pick up the Premium boxed Edition over the holidays. During select holiday weekends, players can redeem their $15 cards for double the cash shop value. As there are a handful of vintage-styled items on sale in the online shop, it's a good time to be rolling in Hello Kitty cash.


With specials starting as early as 11/24, we can't resist Newegg for PC hardware deals. Part of its early Black (Wednesday?) sale lists a roomy 2TB drive for $70, a 20" LCD for $90, and a 65GB SSD for $85 after mail-in-rebate among many awesome deals. There are also daily Black November deals to be had, along with the regular daily deals and three daily Shell Shocker sale items.
Not to be left out of the party, TigerDirect is offering a 2TB external USB 2.0 Western Digital drive for $99, as well as a 32" HDTV that doubles as a monitor (Note: VGA connector, not DVI) at $269. Perfect for those times when you absolutely, positively need your raid super-sized.
Best Buy
'Tis the season for 2TB drives for under $100 -- Best Buy is offering an external drive priced at $90 as well, although this one is noted as USB 2.0/3.0 for those able to take advantage of 3.0. The only real downside to those brick-and-mortar deals is having to roll your butt out of bed at WTF-thirty in the morning.

If you do any console gaming, be sure to check the gaming roundup post on our sister site Joystiq and see if you can catch some other bargains while you're out!


How often have you loaded up your favorite game just to shut the in-game music off and fire up your own playlist? Well, thanks to keen eyes in the grand nation of Internettia (read: several of our friends) we've heard that Amazon.com is giving away free $3 credits for its MP3 store. Pick up three new tunes for your custom playlist, scour for some inexpensive (or free) indie albums you've never heard before, or snag some MMO music for when you can't get your game on. Just make sure to use your $3 credit before November 29th or it goes away!

A few MMO gaming music MP3 options are:

Added deals:

GoGamer's 48-hour Black Friday Madness sale
Among many good PC gaming offerings are Age of Conan's Rise of the Godslayer (which includes the orignial game) for $9.90, and the Ultimate Collection for Final Fantasy XI at $4.90. Add in a free shipping upgrade if you purchase three games, and it's definitely worth having a look at.
Steam's Give & Get sale
Steam is at it again, offering excellent deals that will take care of any spare money you might have had laying around. Aside from offering great single-player titles at steep discounts, they've added in EVE Online for $5.00 today (11/25). As these deals change every day from now until the 29th of November, keep an eye on this sale. Time is of the essence.
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