CCP releases EVE Online Incursion patch notes

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.28.10

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CCP releases EVE Online Incursion patch notes

EVE Online's Incursion expansion has been several months in the making. With the official release date drawing near (Tuesday, November 30th to be exact), CCP has graced us with the patch notes for the meaty update.

While pod pilots everywhere are showering the Icelandic dev team with huzzahs due to the decision to abolish learning skills, New Eden is also undergoing some additional significant changes this week. The patch notes are broken into three sections (features, changes, and fixes), and are worth a read due to info about weapon and ammunition tweaks, market changes (specifically the removal of loan contracts), and a new salvage-specific ship called the Noctis.

Finally, (and yes we do mean finally) CCP has added the ability to resize the game client in windowed mode. Check out all the details on the official EVE website.
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