Make a billboard for City of Heroes, win fantastic prizes

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|11.30.10

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Make a billboard for City of Heroes, win fantastic prizes
Whatever part of City of Heroes you traverse, there is a constant -- the billboards. From Praetoria's official billboards extolling the virtues of working for the state to the civil and capitalistic advertisements dotting Paragon City, no part of the game is free of advertising, albeit for fictional products or services. And the newest contest for the game is asking players to help add to that storied tradition of fake advertisements via the creation of your own billboard, advertising a new service or product within the game's setting.

The contest is open for entries until Monday, January 24th, allowing players ample time to design and send off their best possible advertisements for the game's setting. Obviously, the contest comes with the usual restrictions that disallow players from making offensive, copyrighted, or libelous advertisements, but other than that the sky is the limit. And the prizes? Nothing less than every single add-on for the game, including exclusive convention costumes, for the first-prize winner. Read the full rules and restrictions here, and if you want to make a mark on City of Heroes, get ready to start selling.
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