Safretti's back with Double Vision hanging HDTV / fireplace combo

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|11.29.10

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Safretti's back with Double Vision hanging HDTV / fireplace combo
Nothing quite says "the holidays" like warming up to an artificial fire in a spacious, well-appointed apartment while watching a DVD of generic snow-filled landscapes. Unless you're in our family, in which case "the holidays" is more about drunken egg nog brawls and recrimination. Either way, it looks like the kids at Safretti have improved their hanging, portable fireplaces the only way, really, that it could be improved upon: by adding an HD LCD TV to the mix. We're not sure what the Netherlands-based company is charging for this, but seeing as how this purveyor of ultra-expensive home furnishings doesn't even have an office in the states (the closest is in Mexico, and the one in Liechtenstein refuses to answer our emails) we're pretty sure you can't afford it anyways. It comes in two sizes, featuring either a 37-inch or 47-inch TV. Get a closer look after the break.

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