The Fingerist makes your iPhone a mini guitar

David Quilty
D. Quilty|11.30.10

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The Fingerist makes your iPhone a mini guitar
The FingeristIf you have been looking for an iPhone or iPod touch accessory that enables you to play your music applications as if you are playing them with a guitar, look no further. The Fingerist from EVENNO is here to make your dream of being a (nerdy) rock star come true. One part guitar body and one part speaker, The Fingerist holds your iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3GS or iPod touch 2G/3G in place for you (with the included strap) like a guitar hung around your neck, making it easier to use those music apps you love so much to make some sweet sounds. Apps like Guitar World Lick of the Day (which teaches you a new guitar move every day) or even the new GarageBand let you make music, and The Fingerist lets you play it loudly.

While the built-in speaker runs for 6 hours on 3 AA batteries, The Fingerist comes with a line-out jack to send your songs to your amplifier so that you can share with your entire neighborhood. Info on where you can purchase one isn't found on the EVENNO site, but Engadget spotted it for sale over at Amazon for $150.

$150 seems a bit steep for my taste when you can get a cheap used guitar and amp for that price, along with maybe a lesson or two. As a guitar player myself, I say go for the real thing. That said, I can see the appeal of bringing this out when the family gets together over the holidays for some rockin' jam sessions.

[via Engadget and iLounge]
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